Digital Menu Boards

Menu boards are the first thing a customer sees when they want to place an order in your venue. With the integrated product photos you are able to show your customers what they are about to order from your menu.

Digital Menu Boards allow you to display your food Menu's and pricing directly linked to the SwiftPOS Touch database.

Get More with Live Menu Boards

  • Display the customers name and or customer order number when the order is bumped from the kitchen video screen to let the customer know there order is ready
  • Display your food menu & pricing that is directly linked to the POS terminal
  • With live tracking the menu board will automatically notify your customers when a menu item is sold out
  • Advertise daily specials and promotions straight onto the menu boards
  • Design how your menu board look, with text, images, and multi-media graphics.
  • Digital Menu Boards give you the power to constantly update and improve the content of your menu screens.
  • If you are tracking the available serves of any items then the menu board will notify you when it has sold out.
  • Menu board layout and design can be totally controlled by the Venue and can include video, graphics, backgrounds and flashing colours along with the menu of food items.
  • Add new daily specials and promotions in one place for the POS and Digital Menus
  • Changing prices at the POS update the digital Menu boards automatically
  • Create schedules to match your kitchen hours and display advertising outside those times.
  • Display attractive multi-media graphics including anything that can be displayed in a Web browser.
  • Eliminate printing costs and mistakes
  • Instantly change menus with updates to the POS and Menu Boards in less than a minute

Stand alone or fully integrated to our POS system

Desspos has over 40 years experience in Point of Sale Solutions, we can tailor a point of sale system to your requirements.